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Celebrate Earth Day 2020 with our Growing Green kids climate activities!

Before you start the kids activities, please download these PDFs below, that will give you some other ideas and a list of the climate cards that will come in handy as you do the activities.  If you don’t have a printer, don’t worry.  You can do the activities without the PDFs!

It Starts with 3 simple statements

Your kids will be excited to discover things they already do, could do and probably could not do to minimize the effects of climate change.  There are no right or wrong answers.

We actually have continued to talk about it. My daughter now seems to understand why we are always pestering her to turn off the lights when she leaves a room! So thanks!

Jasmine M.

Our Kids' Cards Team

Karen Harris

Karen Harris


Award-winning First Grade Teacher
Retired after more than 30 years
classroom experience
Leah Montgomery

Leah Montgomery


Innovative 4th and 5th grade teacher with expertise in
small school innovations.
Angela McKee

Angela McKee


Director of Education at The Edible Schoolyard Project.

Kyle Piper-Smyer

Kyle Piper-Smyer


Outstanding 4th & 5th grade teacher with more than 10 years experience in the classroom.

What Users Say

“Thanks very much for your inspiration to make this change”
- B. I. (PA)

“Thank you so much for the wonderful training. I really enjoyed it and it was a fun and positive way to think about our impact.”
- T. C. (DC)

“cut shower time in half; I find I am much more conscious now about the whole process thanks to your climate exercise.”

- G. R. (Maryland)

“Thanks for your talk, and driving me to get this process started!”
- F. N. (CO)

“thanks! I told L about the great workshop. The next day we went out and bought a new air filter and installed it! L (also a psychologist) said that he was so impressed at your work applying psychology to make a difference”
- L. S. (Maine)

“Thanks much for getting us to commit and implement!”
- A. B. (Maine)

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Help Your Kids Begin Their Climate Journey Today

Get started today with our Kids Climate Cards deck. Help your kids take the next steps on their Climate awareness journey and see how you can affect the world around you. Perfect for Elementary School children. 

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