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How do you want to be remembered?

What do you want your legacy to be?

When future generations ask what you did about climate change, tell them you did your best!

At Graying Green, we are working to move people from anxiety to action-helping students, parents, and grandparents see that each person can make a difference.

Help us prepare new approaches for new audiences. Every donation helps us help others.

About Your Donations, Where & How They are used

Your donation to Graying Green will help us reach more people. Specifically, donations will allow us to:

  • make our work with schools, colleges, businesses and lifelong learning institutes more affordable
  • create alternative card decks for specific groups (e.g., renters)
  • expand our work in other countries, adapting the Graying Green approach to local conditions
  • expand our training programs so that many more leaders can use the Graying Green approach in their own communities

$20 provides a kids' deck for a child

Our unique card sets (one for adults and a separate one specifically for children) have been shown to increase knowledge and awareness of climate change at a range of workshops around the world.

$100 provides materials for a community group

Our workshops have had an amazing impact on community groups around the US; $100 provides all the materials necessary to provide the full Graying Green experience for a group of attendees.

$500 provides training for teachers or other community leaders

The importance of showing people young and old the impact they can comfortably make to climate change is what drives Graying Green. $500 provides training for teachers and community leaders to help spread the message further.

Graying Green's Workshops Are Used at:

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